Why Do You Listen To These People?

You can see how the MSM is in full propaganda mode. First it was the stories about the Pope being soft on abuse in the church – the exact opposite of the truth.

But they are out to get the man, because A) He is getting rid of the abusers, and B) He issued a letter saying gays cannot become priests and C) He is getting rid of liberal bishops who caused the whole problem in the first place.

So that explains why a supposedly careful newspaper like the New York Times published a series of faked-up stories. These stories took documents and twisted their meaning beyond all recognition, and dropped out critical facts. They present some of the most egregious cover-uppers of child abuse (Weakland) as heroes, bravely fighting the Vatican. What a joke.

Basically, they took the interpretation put on those documents by a lawyer who makes his living suing the church.

Why would they be so gullible? Because they want to be. Because they have vigorously opposed Pope Benedict from the start, and have published article after article for years trying to knock him down.

Let’s review some of the recent things the MSM has told us were true:

1) Remember the Day Care scares, where we were told that people who worked there were worshipping Satan and ritually abusing children? It turns out it was complete rubbish. A national panic, fed by gruesome stories published by the MSM.

2) They told us with complete conviction that Global Warming was going to kill us all. They refused to even print the arguments from the other side. They demonized anyone who said anything against global warming.

3) When ACORN was discovered, on tape, helping pimps and prostitutes evade the law, they simply did not report the story. Because it would have worked against the Democrats.

4) When Van Jones was discovered to be a former communist, they simply did not report the story.

5)  When John Edwards was having an affair, they said nothing. They knew it was going on during the primaries, and they said nothing. They then refused to run the story when the matter was exposed. A child was born, and they said nothing. Finally, they said something when the National Enquirer told the story and it became a national scandal. But you wouldn’t have even known about it, if it had been up to them.

So, the question is, why in the world would anyone listen to these people? Over and over again, they tell us things that are not true.

But they don’t care; they are part of what has devolved from a newspaper business into a propaganda machine. They are probably the most pathetic individuals ever seen on the planet; but they have the megaphone.

And right on cue, the other half of the propaganda machine swings into action. They same people who brought you the anti-American Iraq War movies, and Avatar propaganda movies, and global warming propaganda movies of all types, bring you the “Pope is a child abuser” movie“:

Hollywood! The town that’s afraid to make terrorist villains come from the Middle East is now making a movie about the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandal. How brave.

Because you know, nobody’s heard or read anything about this subject so people will really be on the edge of their seats the entire movie to see if the brave newspapermen actually learn that the Church was covering up a sex abuse scandal.

I seriously ask, is Hollywood interested in actually making money anymore or just furthering an agenda?

Deadline reports:

The producers intend to frame the movie in the vein of All The President’s Men. One of the planned film’s hooks is that some of the journalists are themselves Catholic and were conflicted as they researched and wrote their stories. This journalism angle seems a fascinating way to approach the topic. And, interestingly, the Boston Globe investigative team was headed by Ben Bradlee, Jr., son of the legendary Washington Post editor who stood behind Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein when their Watergate reporting was assailed by Richard Nixon’s White House.

I wonder if the reporters will all decide that the celibacy requirement is at fault.

No word yet on whether Bill Maher or Sinead O’ Connor have been offered role 


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