Washington Post Asks Tea Parties: “When Did You Stop Beating Your Wife?”

The Post is so laughable:

Tea party groups battling perceptions of racism

There is only the “perception of racism” because the MSM keeps telling everyone that it is all racist, despite the absence of evidence.

To the Post, apparently, if ONE person shows up at a 250,000 strong Tea Party rally with ONE sign saying something stupid, that means the Tea Parties are racist.

Other incidents have received less attention: A sign in last month’s tax day protest in Washington said “Go back to Kenya!” Another in Raleigh, N.C., last June depicted the president with a bone through his nose. T-shirts for sale at a July 4 tea party rally in Charlotte showed Obama standing in front of the White House, labeled “da Crib.”

The people selling T-shirts are not part of the Tea parties, they are independent vendors.

So, if Democratic Activists are able to get one person into a rally with a derogatory sign, that proves it.

And, lest we forget


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