The Dirty Game Continues

Cardinal Levada came out and defended the Pope against the half-assed stories that were being flung at him.

So, he has to be punished.

So, today, the Times tries to paint him as a child-abuse protector.

It’s all very dirty. Given the Times propensity for telling half the story, and their propensity for telling only the case for the prosecution, but not allowing the case for the defense to be heard, there is no real reason to listen to anything they say.

It may well be that he made mistakes in the past. Who knows? You will never know the truth by reading the Times articles, so why bother?

And like Benedict, whose handling of delicate cases before he became pope has come under scrutiny, Cardinal Levada often did not act as assertively as he could have on abuse cases.

Like Benedict? They pretend their previous reporting was accurate. In fact, it merely aped the interpretation of the facts put on the case by a man who makes his living suing the Catholic Church.

And get the drift? “Did not act as assertively as he could”

There’s that odd formulation. In fact, I could say the New York Times “has not acted as assertively as it could” in many instances. The real question is, were their actions reasonable and acceptable once all the facts are known, not whether they could have acted more assertively. Of course, everyone, in every situation, could have acted more assertively.

This is all very reminiscent of theĀ allegations against Pope Pius XII. They say he “did not speak out loudly enough”. Well, after saving 800,000 Jews by some accounts, and having had the state of Israel send its entire Philharmonic Orchestra to the Vatican to serenade him in honor of that fact, and having been praised by Jews around the world after World War II for his courageous stances against the Nazis, and after the New York Times praised his opposition to the Nazis and defense of the Jews in his Christmas message of 1942, and after Einstein praised him for standing up, suddenly all that melts away, and the Times and their friends decide to paint him as an anti-Semite in later years.

It’s all very pathetic.


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