Cowardly Central

Comedy Central has announced that they will launch a new cartoon about Jesus. It is stupid. It is designed to be stupid. Stupid, more and more, is the language of the left.

Comedy Central—the origin of the South Park program that had its references to Mohammad censored— has apparently announced that it is developing a new cartoon about Jesus Christ, the premise of which will be that God, preoccupied with playing video games, loses track of Jesus, who moves to New York and tries to “adjust to life in the big city.”

Far from being bravery, this is a symptom of great cowardice. It takes exactly zero courage to do something like this. In the circles they move in, they will be amply rewarded.

These are the people who lecture us constantly on tolerance. These are the people who say we should be inclusive. But that only applies to you; it does not apply to them. They are allowed to make fun of you as much as possible. It is considered deep social satire, but it isn’t. It is just a series of insults; an illiterate grunt. It takes no great skill to let a bunch of 20 somethings hurl insults at people they don’t like. Let’s face it: this is a political act. Religious people are the ones they hate. There will be no intelligent criticism of religion. Instead, the weird half truths and the outright lies that fill the propaganda books by Hitchens and Dawkins will get a workout.  

That’s all this is. Don’t mistake it for some great freedom of speech thing, or some great intellectual criticism.

They hate, therefore, they are (on TV) 

The show will not last long. It is a symptom of the hatred of the left. Hatred does not endure. It may be a fad; it may be fashionable for a while, but then something else will be the next great liberal fascination.


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