How’s That Little Pope Jihad Working Out For You, New York Times?


I missed this part. The Times did a poll of Catholics about the latest pope scandal, and I should have known. They hid it on page A12, and then even split the story further, by splitting it and putting the rest on A20.

Survey says!

The survey also found that Pope Benedict’s popularity among Catholics has increased since March.

They asked:

Some have called for Pope Benedict XVI to resign as a result of the sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. Others believe he should not resign. Do you believe Pope Benedict XVI should resign, or do you believe he should continue as Pope?

64 per cent said he should continue, 20 per cent were not sure, and 16 per cent thought he should resign.

And like I said – it was probably 15% before this latest spat anyway.


58% of practicing Catholics, and 30% of Americans overall, believe the scandal has been blown out of proportion by the news media.


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