Well, they Can’t Get Humans to Come To Their Services…

The Episcopal church has been falling apart for some time. They are in the middle of a major split up. They are losing half their members, because the American Episcopal church insists on gay bishops, women priests, and all that other liberal church stuff. Their membership was declining before the split, and now it will take a nose dive.

So, now they trying their latest experiment in liberal-church marketing. After all, to them, it’s all a marketing question:

Danvers, Mass. (AP) – A Massachusetts church is scheduled to launch a new monthly worship service – for dogs. Calvary Episcopal Church will offer later this month its first “Perfect Paws Pet Ministry” aimed at giving area pooches and their owners improved odds at getting canines into heaven. The Danvers church plans to hold the service on the third Sunday of every month, complete with communion for the humans and special blessings for pets. Dogs will get special treats.

Surely this will save their church.


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