The UN is a Place Where all The Nut-jobs Hang Out.

The UN is increasingly made up of complete nut-jobs. Their most recent laugher was to put Iran on a committee on the rights of women. (Hmmm. Should they be stoned with 5 pound or 8 pound stones?)

And then, there are the activities of these guys.

Whenever you hear something so absurd as to defy credibility, always remember that it may be the work of the United Nations. A UN treaty, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), in order to protect women, proposes to:

Mandate abortion-on-demand (refuse conscientious objection by doctors)
Legalize prostitution
Restrict religious influences on gender perceptions
Mandate (UN-style) sex-ed and contraceptive proliferation
Eliminate gender roles in textbooks and society
Require a “redistribution of wealth among the population”

On the other hand, the “gender experts” crafting CEDAW demanded a ban on Mother’s Day and criticized the Czech Republic for “over-protective measures for pregnancy and motherhood.” Motherhood is a distasteful biological throw-back which stands in contrast to female progress, and, thus, laws sympathetic to pregnant women or mothers should be opposed. Women shouldn’t be rewarded for limiting their freedom through pregnancy (and refusing to abort), after all.

When you’re too radical for the most radical extremists in your own country, and you recognize there’s no chance of converting others of your radicalism, you can always find a home in the UN and try to force your views on others through international conventions. The world envisioned by these people is a place few would want to live.


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