This Man is a Complete Idiot

John ‘Brennan, the White House terrorism czar, says that it was lots of hard work that kept the Times square bomb from exploding. Not luck.

This man is a complete idiot. He flatly says “We’re not lucky. We’re good”.

But the underwear bomber got on a plane, despite his father warning us about him. He paid for his ticket in cash. The only reason there was not a downed airliner is because his bomb did not go off.

That’s not luck?

And they did not watch Shazad closely enough, even though he had been on the watchlist for quite some time. Then, after his bomb fizzled, he was successful in getting on the plane. He also paid for a ticket with cash.

Only luck kept those two bombs from going off. To say anything is is a blatant retreat from reality.

We are really in trouble. We have this crackpot in the White House, and Janet Napolitano assuring us that everything is perfectly fine everytime something happens. Between the two of them, they seem to be incompetent in the extreme.

Listen to what he says “We have stopped them over and over again. Sometimes they are able to penetrate, get in here, take advantage of citizenship, other types of opportunities.”

It sounds like stopping them most of the time is considered success for this guy. It sounds as if he just doesn’t care if only a few bombs go off.

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