What Could Go Wrong?

The Bishop of Vienna called in reporters and tried to explain things to them:

Perhaps Cardinal Schönborn overestimated the capacity of the invited journalists for a serious academic discussion. Just what did the cardinal do?

First, he explained that it is important to avoid the errors of a Kantian moral philosophy, that is, one based on the  categorical imperative of duty alone. Thomas Aquinas, inspired by Aristotle, elaborated what scholars would call a  eudaimonistic rather than a  deontological moral philosophy. That is, a moral philosophy not based on mere duty, but based on the natural desire of all men for happiness.

The reporters, of course, went home and wrote articles claiming that the Bishop “attacked” another cardinal in the Vatican, and said he was in favor of changing the church’s stance on homosexuals.

None of which was true.

See what happens when you eudaimonize rather than deontologisize a categorical imperative in the presence of a reporter?


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