Ah, But There Are The Neo-Atheists, Who Are Really Political.

The Supreme Court decides that the Mojave Desert cross can stay; so someone steals the cross. Of course, the only people who would be so exorcised (get it?) over the whole thing would be atheists.

From Hot Air:

On behalf of the Council on American-Atheist Relations, I wish to remind you (a) that the vast majority of atheists are law-abiding citizens, (b) those who would engage in acts such as this are part of a tiny minority of extremists who don’t understand “true” atheism, and (c) atheism is an irreligion of peace

Your regular atheists are willing to live and let live. However, the neo-atheists are not. Neo-atheism is a bitter, political movement of haters. Religious people believe differently, therefore they have to be opposed, ridiculed and have their crosses torn down.

Now that environmentalism has been shown to be a sham, this is the next great radical cause (reason for violence and general acting out)

They always need some excuse. First it was communism. That worked out well for them. Then it was environmentalism, but that has been shown to be a crock. Now, I suppose their glorious cause for the elevation of mankind will be a pogrom against religious people.

Good luck with that one.


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