Religion of Peace.

You have to admit, these people do look like savages. A Swedish cartoonist who drew Mohammed with the head of a dog is violently attacked.

But the video is remarkable in a different way: It shows dozens of Muslims repeatedly screaming “Allahu Ackbar” in what looks like religious ecstasy over violence committed in their name, and joy over witnessing an attempted murder as punishment for blasphemy.

This happened today in Sweden, mind you, not during the Middle Ages nor even in 2001 in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Right now, in what is supposed to be the most liberal and progressive nation in the world.

…And the mainstream media? To its eternal shame, in the BBC’s coverage of this incident they refer to Mohammed (as they are required to refer to Mohammed as part of the BBC’s style guidelines) as “the Prophet Muhammad”, with the epithet “Prophet” preceding his name in each instance. Does the BBC similarly refer to Jesus Christ as “The Messiah” or “Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” or even “Jesus the Christ”? No. Due to abject fear and groveling cowardice, they use one religion’s own descriptor for their founder, but not any other religions’ descriptors for their founders.

Now, it is not nice to go around making fun of anyone’s religion, and the guy showed himself to be a bit crass by doing so. But the the idea of attacking him? Out of the dark ages.

And get this: when you try to view the video on youtube, they have now blocked it behind their “Must be 18 years old to view it”. Obviously muslims complained, and Youtube further reduced our rights.

“Lars Vilks attacked by muslims in Sweden 2010”

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