Our Only Hope Is A Republican Congress

Obama has put us in so much debt that we will never get out.

The only way to prevent the complete collapse of the country, which seems to be Obama’s aim, is to get rid of every Democrat at every level of government.

Look – debt is expected to be as much as the country makes in 2015.

The Democrats in Washington are both too stupid and too ideologically committed to read the writing on the wall. They are leading the United States over a financial cliff, and they have no intention of turning back. On the contrary: if they can, they will hobble our economy further by enacting a carbon tax. There is only one way to stop them, and to save our children–from whom greedy, selfish Washington liberals are borrowing trillions of dollars–from a lifetime of debt. The Democrats must be voted out in 2010, and Barack Obama must be denied a second opportunity to deconstruct the country that he doesn’t much like.

We are in really big trouble.

We may end up impeaching him. It may be the only way to save the country.


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