Welcome to the World of Propaganda.

I’ve had the opportunity to view several BBC documentaries over the last few months, and it is shocking how thoroughly anti-Christian they are. They constantly portray Christians throughout history as bloodthirsty, heartless creeps. It doesn’t matter if the documentary is on science, on history, whatever. They always work in some snide comments about Christians being stupid, or mean, or venal.

I have not seen their History of Christianity yet. It is presented by “A history professor and campaigner for gay rights who describes his own current religious position as that of an agnostic or atheist with a background in Anglicanism”

What could go wrong?

We live in the age of official propaganda. The BBC is one of the world’s worst offenders. They have no trouble presenting all sorts of weird, misleading propaganda.

So, as the basis for Western Civilization suffers dirty, misleading attacks at the hands of its own people, what will replace it? We are already seeing the answer. It is spreading across Europe, and you dare not discuss that.

Here’s the answer.


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