Well Said

Joe Carter posted a less than sterling note on First Things, saying that Atheists are due no respect, because their ideas are ludicrous and so often simply ignore massive amounts of facts and evidence.

He is right as to the neo-atheists, but wrong as to regular, rational, thinking atheists, the ones who are simply seekers. (As opposed to the Neo-atheists, who are the atheist’s equivalent of a Fundamentalist).

But the wisest things said was said in the comments, by someone called “King”:

Some atheists will approach the disagreement with skepticism and honesty, and some are attention seekers and exhibitionists with intellectual Tourette syndrome, saying the most shocking thing that passes through their brain pan. Is there any profit engaging solipsists and sociopaths about their self-generated and self-contained errors? Those differences are not remedied by debate. The scales must first fall from their eyes, and as we confess, that is beyond our power.

Argumentation and philosophizing are the final stages among peers with mutual respect. For that happy day to arrive we must bend our efforts towards building a genuine respect. And that’s where our not-so-secret weapon — given in Matthew 5:39 — does its greatest work. [Matthew 5:39 is the turn the other cheek verse]

The whole point of being a neo-atheist is to be able to sneer at your opponents, to fling bile, to offer crabbed and broken misreadings of history, and at the same time, to conveniently forget that as soon as atheism was let loose on the world 100 million quickly died and millions more were put into work camps.

Isn’t it interesting that the world’s most famous atheist is a former Trotskyite? There’s a connection there, folks.

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