Obama Hires Anti-Americans to Represent the United States

Here is Rush Limbaugh, explaining how we hired a man who wants to apologize for the Arizona Law to the Chinese:

RUSH:  Okay, let me tell you a little bit more about Michael Posner, Human Rights First.  This is the guy that apologized to the ChiComs for our Arizona immigration law during a human rights conference.  “Human Rights First is an open borders group that opposes all government efforts to control illegal immigration and strengthen American national security.”  That’s what its purpose is.  And this guy was the grand pooh-bah of Human Rights First, Michael Posner.  Now, Posner and the Human Rights First group have supported an open border immigration policy since they were founded.  “Posner worked with the late Arthur Helton to gain asylum for 2,000 Haitian immigrants who stormed US shores in 1982.”  So no borders, open borders, no attempt whatsoever to enforce immigration laws whatsoever and this is the guy out there apologizing to the ChiComs. He’s an Obama appointee, he’s in the State Department, he’s working for Hillary Clinton, Michael Posner.  People keep saying to me, “How do these wackos keep getting into government,” as though Obama knows nothing about it, “who’s tricking Obama?”  These people are all Obama.  Elena Kagan is Obama.  They’re all Obama.  Van Jones was Obama.

Our government is filled with kooks and weirdos.

Fisting, Communists, Open borders people, people who believe they have to regulate the media so liberal views can dominate, people who don’t really care if they load up debt so high that it will crush the country.

This country is in bad, bad, shape. And Obama has only been in a year.

Does anyone remember a little thing called Tienanmen Square?

Does anyone remember the Lao Gai?


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