The Post is in the BS Business Now.

The Washington Post very proudly notes that Murtha’s old district, the people love, love, love, love, love big government. Well, they should. Murtha was one of the biggest pork producers in the world. He gave them airports they didn’t need, highways they cannot fully use, and a million other rip offs of the federal government.

They completely miss the point. They think the Democrat won because he was for big government

Against the prevailing wisdom, Critz highlighted his experience in government in the campaign. He had served for more than a decade as a Murtha staffer, and he promised to work as hard as his boss famously did to shepherd federal money and jobs to the district.

Oh, that’s what they call this legalized theft from the rest of the country. They call it “sheparding money” now. And of course this was just a bribe. The people in Pennsylvania feel entitled to rip off the rest of the country by taking more – much more – than their fair share of federal benefits.

But what the Post does not tell you is that the Democrat ALSO said he was against Obamacare, and against cap and trade. That’s why he was electable. 


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