I Guess Episcopalians ARE Pagans Now

They’ve been fiddling with paganism for years now, in their attempt to remake Christianity into something they (and their advanced degrees from the various funny farms we call “divinity schools” ) can approve of.

But here is the latest. The Episcopals ordain a 56 year old lesbian as bishop, and the ritual consists of bizarre pagan stuff.

You can tell what they are on about. The whole thing takes place on a stage. It is the church of “Hey, Look at Me!”

And, I suppose it is fitting now that they have turned their church into a solely political organization, that their service is interrupted (at about the 43:00 mark) by a few nuts shouting and holding up signs in protest, just as at any other political gathering.

In particular, note the weird ritual at 2:08. The “Bishops” crowd around the new inductee, as if they were transferring supernatural powers from themselves to her by the power of their numbers. It isn’t that God is doing anything. It is that they are practicing magic, and their supernatural powers are transferred to the new girl. Of course, there is no need for this pagan attitude if you believe in a God, who can do things by himself. But if you are a pagan, then the more shamans, the more powerfully they draw power from the spirit world.

The whole thing has the bizarre flavor of a dress up and pretend session.


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