The Dumbest TV Show of All Time Finally Ends

“Lost” has to be one of the dumbest shows of all time. Here you have a show where people die, but then they are not dead. Then they die again, and they are not dead again. The plane crashes, and then it does not crash. They are in modern day, then they are in 1974. Then they are some other date. Then they are some other date. There is an island, then there is no island.

Blah, blah, blah, blah,blah.

There are no rules at all in their little world, so the writers can mess with you endlessly. We killed off everybody last season. Now what are we gonna do? Well, we’ll make them alive again in another time!

No, we’ll make them all be dead, in purgatory. That’s the ticket.

Here’s what happened: they had a moderately good idea for a TV show, and that lasted a year or two. Then, they had to start making things up that were completely ridiculous, and you bought it. This is a story about writers thrasthing around violently, and then throwing out every half formed idea they could manage. And so many people bought it.

It is truly a sign of a bored TV watching crowd. The problem is, by age 20 or so, a person has seen just about every conceivable plot TV has to offer. In fact, they’ve seen them all about 100 times. So Lost, making no sense at all, kind of appeals to them solely because it was different. It was just an enormous time waster.

Look at the confusion of the followers:

Jack’s dad made a point of saying you are real, i’m real, everything you did was real. SO I don’t thing they have been dead all along. I think at some point they all died. Charlie awhile ago, jin and sun last week. The others we just dont know. But know they are and they are with who they are supposed to be with.

I don’t have all my questions answered, But I was so satisfied I don’t care. I’ve loved it for 6 years and will miss it. Its rare to have a show that doesn’t think their viewers are stupid. I loved having to think over it.

Great show

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**in my reading of tonight’s episode, though, everyone died in the plane crash featured in the series premiere. Agree?**


Every that happened, happened. Whoever survived the crash, survived the crash. But they were all dead at the end.

Boone died from the falling plane. Shannon was shot. Charlie drowned. Jack was knifed at the end.

Those that were alive at the end of tonight went on to live their lives, and they died whenever they died.

The Island was NOT purgatory, but the Sideways Reality WAS a kind of waiting room between death and the “next step,” which we saw as the bright light when Christian opened the door. The Sideways Reality was an artificial construct, which did NOT take place in 2004, as we had supposed, but was timeless, it existed outside of time. It was a construct, as Christian said, so that, after their individual deaths, whenever they happened, they could “find” themselves.

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