Time To Laugh at the Sheer Ignorance of it All

The neo-atheist movement has reached its zenith.

It’s all down hill from here. People have realized that the proper response is to just laugh at them. Their sneering diatribes are more evident of a sour soul than they are of a perfect scientific mind.  In fact, once you really start examining that they say, it slowly becomes clear they rely on flimsy science, on hacks rather than true scholars, and they even make up quotes and stuff them in the mouths of famous people.

It’s all rather sad, really, and pathetic. It really could be called “Asshole Atheism”. Bigotry is their pride.  Ignorance their buckler and sword.  Nastiness is their creed.

Insight Scoop:

Eberstadt brilliantly defends the faith from radical New Atheism with wit and humor by telling the story of a young twenty something newly converted atheist with a rough history that unfolds throughout the book. Her attempts to iron out the problems she finds in atheism from the inside are devastating to the new atheist movement. Eberstadt is more than a match for Hitchens and Dawkins and their flying spaghetti monster.

Eberstadt’s wit is so biting it might even make you feel sorry for the New Atheists. For one little moment anyway. But if you ask me, the New Atheists were asking for it. Never have such a humorless and self righteous crowd monopolized the cultural conversation. It’s high time someone started laughing at them.


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