Why Should They Pay You $3.00 an Hour to Ignore People?

You know what? She sounds like a welfare mother.

Entitlted to more. Why aren’t you doing more for her? Chris Christie, the new governor of New Jersey, attends a meeting where he is asked about his new education budget:

He then opened the floor to questions. A few were softballs, including the declaration by Clara Nebot of Bergenfield that Christie is “a god” to her relatives in Florida.

But borough teacher Rita Wilson, a Kearny resident, argued that if she were paid $3 an hour for the 30 children in her class, she’d be earning $83,000, and she makes nothing near that.

“You’re getting more than that if you include the cost of your benefits,” Christie interrupted.

When Wilson, who has a master’s degree, said she was not being compensated for her education and experience, Christie said:

Well, you know then that you don’t have to do it.” Some in the audience applauded

“Your union said that is the greatest assault on public education in the history of the state,” Christie said. “That’s why the union has no credibility, stupid statements like that.”

Interesting guy:

Here he nails a creepy journalist who tries to call him “confrontational” :

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