Obama’s Visit to the Senate

Obama is a strange man. I have been saying that since before he took office. There is something wrong with him.

He met with Senate Republicans, and it appears that El Supremo was not pleased with their lack of proper respect for his august being. Senator McCain was interviewed about the session, and said:

On President Obama’s visit to the Senate:

“The president had very strong disagreements with Senator Barrasso and Senator Corker,” McCain says. “Barrasso was chronicling how Obamacare was a failure and the president just ripped into him, saying ‘you know, John, there’s no press here.’ That took me aback. You think Barrasso thought press was in there? Then the president spoke repeatedly about how he’s supposedly taken on the left wing of his party. Please, does he really want our sympathy? It’s laughable.” Is the president as serious as you once thought? “There are legitimate questions as to whether he’s out of his depth or not,” McCain says.

Whenever anyone says anything he doesn’t like, he thinks the only reason they are saying it is because the press is there.

This man lives in his own universe.


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