TIME Magazine engages in a little Catholic Hatred

I tell you, folks, the nuts are coming out of the woodwork.

Those people who once lectured us on tolerance are working overtime to slander the Catholic church. Here is Time Magazine’s rather pathetic shot. It would be nice if they knew something – anything – about the Catholic church before they manifest their rather massive ignorance to the world. But, the writer has read one of those atheist tracts, or some of the clownish things being said by the more rancid members of the academy. So that entitles him to slander 65 million Americans.

The historian Melloni points out that the papacy was able to take advantage of its weakened condition to buttress support among the faithful by resorting to vittimismo, playing the victim and blaming others for preying on the church. “This actually had the effect of raising the devotion to the Pope,” he says. That was the legacy of the 32-year reign of Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti, Pope Pius IX, who stage-managed the First Vatican Council into approving infallibility in 1869 with a suspect majority of bishops. In obedience to its divinely absolute monarch, the Vatican bureaucracy, the Roman Curia, became even more centralized and domineering. So even as the Pope lost his divisions, the empire of Christ based in Rome constructed a government to rival the civil institutions in countries where its clergy served the faithful. Churches and cathedrals became the embassies of God and his vicar, the Pope, in the secular world.

Aren’t you scared? The Catholics set up a “government” to rival the civil institutions! They think their Pope is a divinely absolute monarch!

Aren’t you scared?

“The Historian Melloni is one of those left-liberal historians who has been attacking the institutional church for quite some time now. If you are Time magazine, it helps to seek out sources who have demonstrated their anti-church bent for years. For example here is a quote from Melloni: ”   ”

This is not a friendly match. One side holds up John Paul’s banner in support of conservative positions — they’re for continuity. The other wants a fresh start.

So, Melloni is not a detached observer – he is a participant in the many wars against the Vatican.

Hey guys! Come read Time magazine. It looks like The Eternal Jew is back, only this time, it is The Eternal Catholic.

But the writer is a complete moron. He has no idea what he is talking about. The Pope is infallible only in a very, very narrow band of issues, and only when he speaks about certain aspects of faith and morals. In the entire history of the church, there are only one or two papal statements that have been considered infallible, and they have to do with fairly arcane theological points.

No one, ever, said the Pope is infallible in everything he does.

But little creeps at Time magazine love to tell stories. 

Their magazine is dying, so they want to drum up a little controversy. What’s it going to be next? That Jews secretly rule the world? That Evangelicals steal babies and eat them?

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