Creep Discovers He is Not The Creep; Sarah Palin is Threat To Humanity

The creep that moved in next to Sarah Palin – so he could get some kind of dirt – or manufacture dirt, more precisely – now says he learned a valuable lesson. His moving in did not show that he was a creep, it showed that Sarah Palin could whip the stupid crowd into a frenzy at a moment’s notice.

“Look, this is a pain in the ass for them,” he said. “I understand that. If I were her, I’d be upset. I’d be annoyed. But I’d be an adult about it, and I would figure out, okay, how can we resolve this in a way that’s not going to make this into something that everybody gets obsessive about? By being here, I have learned things, and I’ve gotten an insight into her character, into her ability to incite hatred, that before I only knew about in the abstract.”

Oh, I get it. She’s a witch. Burn her.

Let’s see. Creep moves in next to her, trying to overhear family conversations, watch their every private move, bring their children into things. But he has only learned that he is not a creep. No, he learned that Palin has a dangerous ability to incite hatred. Surely no one has every incited hatred against Sarah Palin.

And surely, the point of Joe McGinniss’ forthcoming book was not to incite hatred against Sarah Palin.

What hypocrites these creeps be.

Here is the crazy inside out thinking that goes on on the left: He rented the house to make sure that no one disturbed the Palin’s privacy! He is there to guarantee their privacy!

According to Joe McGinniss, the offer to rent the house next to Sarah Palin’s came because the landlord trusted him to respect the former governor’s privacy.

“She was talking to this mutual friend of ours and said, ‘I’ve got to find someone we’re comfortable with. My biggest concern is the Palins’ privacy, especially the children,’ ” McGinniss said Friday evening from his Wasilla, Alaska, house, in one of his first interviews on the subject. “So this mutual friend said, ‘Well, you know, I think you’re in luck. Joe McGinniss is going to be coming back here, and you couldn’t find a better guy, just the right sort of person to move in and guarantee their privacy.’ “

That’s right! And by the same token, Glenn Beck should move into the Lincoln Bedroom so he can protect Obama’s privacy. How else are you gonna do it?

But upon learning of her new neighbor, Palin accused McGinniss of moving into the house to spy on her family.

Oh, that Sarah Palin. A reporter that has written numerous hit pieces on you moves in next door, and you can’t see that he is just trying to guarantee your privacy.

Silly hatred inciter.


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