In a World of Their Own

Jim Wallis is a guy who masquerades as the Holy Man of the Democratic Party.

His big thing is using Religion to justify Democratic party politics. Talk about mixing religion and Politics; Wallis never seems to get crtiicized for it. But of course, he is on the “right side”.

The Tea Parties formed to oppose the massive increase in an already too big government. There is no one in the Tea Parties who thinks there should be no government at all.

Yet Wallis pretends they do, and then he pretends he is a better Christian because he supports the most massive government possible:

2. An anti-government ideology just isn’t biblical. In Romans 13, the apostle Paul (not the Kentucky Senate candidate) describes the role and vocation of government; in addition to the church, government also plays a role in God’s plan and purposes. Preserving the social order, punishing evil and rewarding good, and protecting the common good are all prescribed; we are even instructed to pay taxes for those purposes! Sorry, Tea Party. Of course, debating the size and role of government is always a fair and good discussion, and most of us would prefer smart and effective to “big” or “small” government.

Revelation 13 depicts the state as a totalitarian beast — a metaphor for Rome, which was persecuting the Christians. This passage serves as a clear warning about the abuse of governmental power. But a power-hungry government is clearly an aberration and violation of the proper role of government in protecting its citizens and upholding the demands of fairness and justice. To disparage government per se — to see government as the central problem in society — is simply not a biblical position.

If you read Romans 13, it tells you lots of things. It tells you not to protest the government, which Wallis did unceasingly when Bush was in office. And all during his student days. Apparently Romans 13 did not apply then.

But most bizarre is his idea that Tea Partiers want no government at all; or that they are all Libertarians. I suppose when you want to demonize someone, you have to just make up a lot of stuff.

Then Wallis links to this little story. It is hilarious, because the things that are included nobody would complain aobut. But all of the really big wastes the government engages in somehow are not included:

The taxpayer woke up one winter morning feeling upset about his taxes. He decided to travel to Washington to complain directly to his Congressional representative and attend a Tea Party rally.

He turned on the radio to listen the weather report, provided by the National Weather Service. He heard the city snowplow go by, clearing his street. He made a cup of coffee with clean water.

Nobody objects to the rather modest budget for the National Weather Service. Nor do they object to the small amount paid to clear snow, or insure clean water. But they do see billions going to the global warming freaks, and they object.

He cooked up some eggs and bacon for his family, food products that were certified by the meat inspectors at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. It never crossed his mind the possibility that his family might be poisoned.

He kissed his children goodbye as they waited for the school bus to take them to the local public elementary school and high school. His oldest daughter hoped to attend college and was applying for financial aid loans and grants, like the ones he received a generation earlier. On his walk to the subway, he dropped her application letters in the U.S. Post Office mailbox.

He passed the senior housing community where his dear mother lived. He didn’t worry for a second about his mother, who had quality health care paid for by Medicare, a monthly Social Security check and a secure, friendly, and affordable community to live in.

He took the subway to the airport, half the cost of his ride subsidized by state and federal transportation funds. He then flew to Washington on a plane inspected by Federal Aviation Agency inspectors, after passing through security provided by the Transportation Security Administration.

On his way to the U.S. Capitol, he stopped for an hour at the Smithsonian Museum of History, celebrating our nation’s inspiring and unique history. Admission was free to all and thousands of school children were flocking into the museum when he departed. When he got lost, a courteous national park ranger gave him directions to the Congressional office building.

Finally, the taxpayer arrived at his meeting with the Congressman. “Congressman,” he said, pounding his fist on the table, “I don’t get anything for my tax dollars!” Later, he attended the Tea Party rally calling for less government and lower taxes.

The Tea Partiers do not complain about any of the things listed. They complain that an idiot president seems to want to destroy the country by shoveling out every penny he can to his political friends. They complain that he seems determined to ruin the country by loading it up with all sorts of UNNECESARY government services and freebies.

What part of Tea Party don’t they understand?


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