What Is Wrong With These People?

You have to wonder about the people at the New York Times. They have this odd notion of themselves as proclaimer of new trends, crowner of new societal impulses. They really think that if they talk about it, it becomes something serious, something real.

But listen to their takeaway from the failure to stop the Deepwater Horizon spill:

The struggle to contain the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico challenges an American belief that technology can solve any problem.

Well, first of all, there is not an American Belief that technology can solve any problem. There is an American belief in using technology to solve problems, but let’s not expand it to ridiculous lengths.

Second, it hasn’t challenged our belief that technology can be used to solve an awful lot of problems. It’s just that they haven’t succeeded yet. What are they going to eventually plug it with? Incantations?

They are going to use technology.

And just because in ONE instance, advanced technology caused a problem, that is hardly the reason to go weeping, abandoning our faith in technology.

But to the people at the Times it is. This is the lesson they draw from this incident.

They aren’t very smart, are they?

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