What? Saying Something Doesn’t Make it So?

This is the next Cheney. I suppose she will be a Senator or something soon.

Here she is talking about the flaccid response of our president. To everything:

“You know you’ve got a president who believes that saying something makes it so. You showed it in the last segment when he said he was going to have the most transparent administration in history. But, that doesn’t mean you’re actually going to be open and transparent. It’s not the same thing as we’ve seen with him. On the war, he says he knows were at war but he doesn’t actually understand he has to lead us in the fight… And, going down to Louisiana he says, “Gosh, I’m heart-broken. I’m angry. I’m frustrated.” And then going on vacation to Chicago really doesn’t send a message that this is a man who’s leading… A gift for reading the TelePrompter is not the same as leadership.

The problem is this man has never done anything but talk. He’s never run a business – he’s never had to actually deliver anything. So he thinks that being professorial is being productive. And that his ideas on a matter are all that counts.

He’s got it completely backwards. Being a good president consists of the ability to get others to do things – besides tell you how great you are. You have to get people to go out and slave and suffer and shed their tears, all in the achievement of a shared goal. But if the country does not share your goals, then it is not going to do anything for you, is it? If the country understands that you and your administration have contempt for them and their ideals, they’re not going to do much of anything for you.

For the first time, a sitting president is letting the country know that he thinks very little of it. To him, the only valuable part of the country is the part that worships him. All others are trying to impress the media by being controversial.


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