Another 30 Year Old Case, Another Creepy Local Bishop

You know, it must be getting embarassing for the MSM.

They simply can’t find recent abuse cases, so they are going back 30 years and mining very old cases for stuff to throw at the Pope.

Don’t get me wrong. There were great wrongs done. But all of them were done by the local bishops. They are the guilty parties. But everytime one of these abuse cases comes up, the MSM immediately ignores the local bishop, and points the finger at the Pope. The people who were actually responsible get portrayed as heroes, while the almost completely blameless Pope gets treated like an abuser.

Once again, a local bishop who was apparently gay, and was an abuser himself  is treated in today’s story as bravely trying to get the Pope to take action against child abusers, but the Pope supposedly refuses to do it. That’s the takeaway of today’s story, and that’s a laugh. Today’s local bishop is Bishop Ryan, from Springfield. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Ryan:

His early years as bishop were marred by his admitted alcohol abuse for which he received treatment in the summer of 1986.

During the last two years of his administration, Ryan was plagued by sexual abuse allegations. In 1997 and 1998, a group called Roman Catholic Faithful had picketed a national bishops conference in Washington, D.C. and carried signs alleging Ryan was protecting abusive priests. He himself was accused of engaging in homosexual affairs with young men, prostitutes, and other priests.

After fifteen years as Bishop of Springfield, Ryan resigned on October 19, 1999. In 2002 there were new allegations that Ryan had solicited sex from a teenaged boy in 1984, but the Sangamon County state’s attorney could not prosecute because the statute of limitations had expired. Having continued to administer Confirmation and celebrate Mass, he voluntarily agreed to suspend his public ministry.In 2006 an investigative report declared that Ryan “engaged in improper sexual conduct and used his office to conceal his activities” and fostered “a culture of secrecy…that discouraged faithful priests from coming forward with information about misconduct” by other clergy in the diocese..

This is the same pattern we have seen in all of these recent stories. The local bishop is terrible, but somehow the MSM does not tell you that. Instead, they pretend the local bishop was trying to get the Pope to rid them of their abusive priests, and the Pope supposedly just won’t do it.  The MSM never tells you the whole story.

Today, they tell you that there was a four year delay between the time the abuse was discovered and the time the local bishop asked for the guy to be defrocked. The last time around, it was 19 years, but that doesn’t seem to matter at all to them. They skate by those delays, but any delays in the Vatican are treated as capital crimes, and signs that the Vatican is somehow trying to hide all the abuse. But delays of up to 20 years by the local bishops are treated as inconsequential.

You see, they don’t like the Pope. He holds fast to positions they insist be changed, even though it isn’t even their church in many cases.

The problem was the local bishops. They stood for the abuse; they covered it up. They did not report it to the police. In the Vatican, John Paul II tried to steer the church towards a new course. He began getting rid of the worst of the offending bishops, and the problem began to ease. Here is the chart from the John Jay report; as soon as John Paul took control in 1978 the numbers started declining.

Last year, there were six credible cases of abuse in the entire American church. This is astounding, given that there are 65 million Catholics.

When the abuse crisis hit in 2004, the media tried to blame it all on the Pope at the time, John Paul. This diverted attention away from the real problem, which was American  homosexual priests and bishops. But everyone knew what the real problem was.

Now, the liberal churchmen are in a tizzy.  Benedict has appointed one conservative  traditional bishop after another. They will not stand for any of this abuse stuff. They are cleaning house, slowly but surely. And so, the media have decided they have to go after Benedict. They have to destroy him.

And so, the lies began.

We are in the middle of a war between the fast-fading liberal bishops, and the Conservative Pope. The old liberal wing seems to be ready to play dirty, by shifting all responsibility for the child abuse problems to the Pope. The media is a willing participant. 

Their last volley was a massive failure. Approval of Benedict actually went up. Because of blogs, the media no longer has a stranglehold on information flow. The truth gets out now. The truth is that Benedict is getting rid of the people who were causing the abuse. He has been the toughest on the abuse problem. Everyone agrees this is the case.

But you won’t read that in the New York Times and the AP.

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