How Very Odd That the Bumpkins Dislike Obama.

Mark Halperin issues one of those goofy “How in the world could these idiots not like Obama”? columns:

It doesn’t take a degree in psychology to recognize the explanatory formula “economic/environmental/international crises + search for a scapegoat = widespread Obama hatred.”

Well, the problem is, Obama is the cause for the economic crisis. When the country faced a  severe fiscal crisis, he decided that the cure was to put the country in debt as far as was humanly possible. He is acting like a madman. International crises? Obama has spent a year bashing our friends and sucking up to dictators, so they know he is a pushover. Hence the crises. Bank crisis? Obama passed a stimulus bill that basically wastes as much money as possible on his political cronies.

So, since he has done nothing about unemployment, has caused a recession to linger for years, seems perfectly happy with 10% unemployment, is letting Iran get a nuclear bomb, it’s rational that people blame him. He is causing most of this mess.

And it is evidence of how much matters have deteriorated that it’s impossible to imagine conservatives rallying around Obama in the face of a new disaster, like the left did (albeit briefly) after Sept. 11 for President George W. Bush. Even if the President were to repel a Martian invasion, the right’s reaction would likely be the same as it was after the Christmas Day bombing attempt, or the failed Times Square attack, or the current oil spill: denigration of Obama’s competence, suspicion of his motives and implicit (or explicit) hope for his failure.

No, there’s just no reason to dislike Obama, is there? After all the good things he has brought us. After sneakily trying to change us into a socialist country. No reason at all.

But the fact is, he most likely would not repel a Martian attack. He would tell us that the Martians had a great and noble culture, that they had invented the wheel and the telephone and the airplane, and that the United States had to get used to not being independent any more. Being a Martian colony was the wave of the future, and would save 10 billion barrels of oil each year. He would tell us that the United States was “unsustainable”, and had to be absorbed into the Martian Empire. But don’t worry, the Martians have health care.

Why, you people must be crazy to not like the cool, even hand of the Great Obama:

In the run-up to the 2010 midterm elections, we have already seen that the anti-Obama forces are expressing their disagreements with the Administration in terms far more personal than political, tinged with an apocalyptic irrationality. The centrifugal force exerted on conservative leaders toward the extreme wing of their party is bound to lead to even more magnified rhetoric in the next few years. The contrast between those excessive attacks and Obama’s famous cool will serve him, and the Democrats, well.

Within the overheated conservative bubble there is little room for discussions of serious policy alternatives to deal with America’s problems, reminders that the country is typically drawn to optimistic candidates (like Reagan and Obama)

Yeah, you simply cannot compete with Obama’s fiercely intelligent plan to bankrupt the country. Nothing can beat his plan to screw up our children’s future. Nah, you haven’t got anything remotely comparable.

And they’re blind to the fact that everyone loves Obama:

It can’t be pleasant for Obama to be the subject of such attacks. And solving the country’s major problems in a bipartisan fashion will be difficult under these rancorous circumstances. But as long as those trying to beat him are blind to the fact that tens of millions of voting Americans think Obama is doing a fine job, this President has a great ally in his enemies.

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