Leave Obama Alone!

David Brooks columns get stranger and stranger.

Because he believes he has the President’s ear, or at least the ears of his top advisors, each one reads like a memo from Mr. Wise man to Mr. President (also currently a Wise Man).

There is a new  study out, Mr. President, that shows that blah, blah, blah. A new theory is being proffered by Professor Dingleberry, Mr. President.

Being high level and seeing the overarching trends is considered to be intelligence. Knowing how to govern is not, apparently.

In today’s column, Brooks reinforces the President’s narcissism. It’s not your fault! Leave him alone, you grubby and ungrateful commoners. It’s your fault, not his:

They want to hold him responsible for things they know he doesn’t control. Their reaction is a mixture of disgust, anger, longing and need. It may not make sense. But it doesn’t make sense that the country wants spending cuts and doesn’t want cuts, wants change and doesn’t want change.

Ah, but it’s not that hard. The country is not confused. Obama is. The country did not want his silly and destructive health care boondoggle. The country does not want his socialism with a smiley face. The country is not confused or conflicted at all. They never wanted most of the things Obama has done.

Of course the country wants change. They want things to be run competently again. That’s the change they thought they were getting, but they got a set of severely incompetent people instead. Eggheads who thought the fact they impressed each other meant that they were demi-gods of a sort.

Having been forced to live in the real world for a change, they are finding that they are dumber than a box of rocks, when it comes to really running things. No one is giving them style points anymore, and since that is all they can produce, they are failing. Badly.

What idiocy is this?

At some point somebody’s going to have to reach a national consensus on the role of government.

We;ve had a decent consensus ever since Reagan. Now, Obama wants to throw that out and replace it with his personal redistriutionist ideas. Only one problem. He is the only one who believes in it. He did not convince the American people to go along with his socialism lite. He has attempted to rule by fiat, rather than lead the people by convincing them.

What did FDR do? When he could not lead the people in the direction he wanted them to go, he gave up and got half a loaf where he could. A quarter loaf, is fhat is all he could get. But Obama grabs the loaves our of the mouths of people and then scolds them for not being generous enough to fling them at him.

Rather than say the obvious as if it were a suddenly discovered jewel of wisdom, Brooks had better start giving his buddies in the Administration some serious wake up calls. Rather than airily opining on the need for us all come together in a magic Kumbaya moment where we all agree on some obtuse formula for regulation, how about people simply start focusing on the real problems. The first one is before you. How do you plug the damn hole?

We don’t need to read Neitsche or Descartes to discover the answer to that one. A comparison of the theories of Edmund Burke and Aristotle are not of much help.

What would FDR have done? He sure as hell would not sit around philosophizing. He would have gotten one of his nuts and bolts political operatives to get the best hole pluggers in the world on the case, pronto.


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