And Now, The NYT Tries to Stir Up Generational War

Older people not supporting Obama?

Off with their heads.

Why should the hip, cool, ultra wonderful younger people that support Obama put up with the slow, old, cranky, creepy oldsters?

When an electorate is red-faced and fist-clenched, when the collective national blood pressure is 160 over 100, when the big issues of the day are mired in tired minds, it’s time to turn to the great, renewable resource of any vibrant democracy: the kids.

The millennials, that echo boomer generation born after 1982, have not been heard from of late, ever since proving that they could pull away from their Facebook pages long enough to help elect a president.

The young were Barack Obama’s strongest supporters, and still are, though there’s been some slippage. They were wise beyond their years and ahead of every other generation on the major issues — from offshore oil drilling (not so fast), to gays in the military (duh), to tolerance of the new American ethnic stew (you mean that’s still a problem?).

…If anyone should be complaining about deficits, it should be the 20-somethings who will have to pay for all those meds-popping boomers moving into the comfort of Medicare and Social Security.

If anyone should be upset over two long wars that were put on the credit card, it should be the generation shedding the most blood in those conflicts.

Yeah, Damn those old people, running up those deficits. They passed the Stimulus bill! It was those old people that passed the Health care bill! It’s those old people who are in control of Congress, spending money like there is no tomorrow.

Oh, wait. That was Obama who did all of that.

And it’s the old people who are so upset because they see Obama threatening the lives of their children and grandchildren.

Young people should hate Obama, I guess.


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