David Brooks: Did You Know Obama is a Centrist?

David Brooks has found the perfect politician. A wise, measured, thoughtful man. A man who plays it right down the middle:

But occasionally a politician comes along with a more measured vision of a limited but energetic government. Recently, for example, I read a speech by a politician who gave examples of both when government had failed (the old welfare system) and when it had succeeded (the railroad legislation under Lincoln, the bank reforms under F.D.R. and the highway system under Eisenhower). “Our government shouldn’t try to guarantee results,” this politician said, “but it should guarantee a shot at opportunity for every American who’s willing to work hard.”

Who is this wonderful man?

That sentence struck me as a pretty good foundation for a political philosophy. It was delivered by President Obama at the University of Michigan commencement last month.

The rest of the column is something someone from the administration usually has to write.  A list of “see, we did this, and this, and this, and this. ”

But they have trained Brooks to write such things, so they don’t have to.

Brooks does not get it. We do not need to ponder how to get the right balance of government versus private sector. We have found that balance years ago. Ordinary people are not furiously debating whether government should rule X percent of our lives or Y percent. They want government to get out of the way. They want to be free. They do not like government. It is a killer – a waster. No one thinks government should completely go away, but it should be minimized in all cases. There is no real need for the FEDERAL government to insert its icy hand of death into education.

Brooks claims that Obama is standing up to the teachers unions. Hah! Some “stand up”. It gave them 100 billion dollars to waste. The stimulus bill did not protect the jobs of ordinary Americans. They can go to hell as far as Obama is concerened. But it did protect hundreds of thousands of teacher’s jobs.

Way to stand up to the unions, Obama.


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