So Unfair.

A bunch of mistresses of Italian priests has written a open letter in which they blame the Catholic church for being too strict – their lovers should be allowed to marry them:

The letter declares that a priest who falls in love is faced with three painful options: to abandon the woman, to live under the shadow of secrecy or to abandon the priesthood. “Each of these options causes great pain to the people involved who, things going as they do, have much to lose.” The authors buttress romantic arguments with theological ones drawn from the a book by ex-priest and ex-Catholic Eugen Drewermann, a long-time critic of what he calls the Vatican’s psychologically cruel and mentally enslaving clergy ideal.

But a commenter on the story sees through their schtick:

A blog comment on the letter offers an obvious response which the Pope may be too tactful to mention: “Seems to me that a married man (or woman) who falls in love with another woman is in the same situation, faced with the same choices. So basically we need to give up monogamy altogether.”

That’s it, isn’t it?

The mistresses, who know they should not be fooling around with priests, do so anyway. They think that everyone should just give in to their appetites. Period. The priests, who promised to be “espoused” to the church have already made another life long commitment that they now want to just throw away. Again, just ignore that, go with the appetite.

There is no nobility is that, is there?

What, pray tell, happens when the priest now falls in love with a new, more vivacious parishioner?

Beware of those who tell you that falling in love trumps everything. We used to have a word for this: Selfishness.


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