Damn Those “Founding Fathers”. What Did They Know?

The Washington Post reports an ominous development. People are becoming educated on  the Constitution and the Founding Fathers.

Here in Springfield, the day’s students sipped coffee and chewed on peppermints while seated at folding banquet-hall tables. They included a lawyer, a farmer, a local politician and a project manager for a construction company. Except for one man, all of them were white. Most were middle-aged, and there was nary a Democrat to be found.

Taylor walked them through a 131-page, fill-in-the-blank workbook that frames the nation’s founding in a religious context and portrays the size and scope of the modern federal government as a form of tyranny.

And ohmyGod he teaches that the founders were religious men who knew what they were doing!  Every educated person knows they were venal racists who only wanted to maximize their personal wealth, and wanted to oppress everyone in sight. George Washington was almost an idiot. He could barely feed himself. Thomas Jefferson was an atheist who fathered children with his slave woman. What else do we need to know? After all, “modern scholars” tell us so.

Since the nation’s earliest years, some Americans have revered the Constitution as a bulwark against government expansion. In George Washington’s Cabinet, the debate played out between Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. In the mid-1960s, conservatives pushed for a return to limited government and a literal interpretation of the Constitution amid Barry Goldwater’s failed run for president.

Today, reverence for the Constitution and the Founding Fathers is an important part of the militia movement.

Oh, I get it. Constitution =Domestic Terrorists

One of the hosts was Mike Moon, a hospital center employee and farmer who has made a long-shot bid for the seat of Rep. Roy Blunt (R), who is running for the Senate.

Moon, who carries a copy of the Constitution in his breast pocket, brought three of his five children, who are all home-schooled.

The horror. A man who carries a copy of the Constitution around with him. And he home schooled his children!

Now, the Post does not run stories about leftist groups that gather to educate their people. No, that is simple Americanism, no matter how many errors they teach.  But on the right, it is different.

I have even seen articles that seem flabbergasted that the Tea Party people read the Federalist Papers.


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