The Thoughts The Media (Secretly) Loves

Helen Thomas, we were told for years and years, was one of the fine, fine reporters in Washington. Slowly but surely we found that, in fact, she is one of the wackiest people in the universe. It is telling that the MSM reporters would have lead us to believe she was a fine, fine  journalist. Apparently they did so because she was really a radical left winger. They like that sort of thing.

Now, she is revealed for what she is:

Tony Snow once accused her of stating “the Hezbollah view” in her questions during the Israel/Lebanon war. Little did he know how right he was. Or maybe he did know: Watching this, it occurred to me that an 89-year-old reporter who’s moved in elite D.C. circles for decades has probably let slip her preference for Judenrein in the Holy Land once or twice whilst among colleagues. And yet, if she’s suffered even a single repercussion for it, it’s news to me. Such is the state of the left that one of their journalistic patron saints can spend years during the press briefings belching up anti-Israel propaganda and inveighing against a “deliberate massacre” that hasn’t even been investigated yet and, aside from a few righty blogs, no one bats an eye. I’ll be surprised if even this ode to a one-state “solution” draws much heat. If, as the world’s intelligentsia insists with varying degrees of candor, Israel is the basic problem in the region, what could be more logical than Helen wanting to excise it? That’s how you treat tumors, isn’t it?

This fine, fine journalist does not know the most basic facts. Jews have lived in Palestine – and by the way, it was never called Palestine until very recently. So, let’s just say Jews lived in the area since biblical days. They never left the place. So it’s their land as well.




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