If We Close Our Eyes Real Tight, the Other Side of the Argument Just Disappears!

Boy, if that ain’t the New York Times these days.

Anybody remember when the Times was an intellectually respectable paper?


The Ancient order of Gormogons says:

The New York Times again beclowns itself. In an editorial today, it opines in support of a proposed law requiring all new semiautomatic handguns sold in New York to microstamp shell casings. Thus spake the editorial board:

The microstamping process uses lasers to make tiny markings on a gun’s firing pin and other internal surfaces, identifying the weapon’s make, model and serial number. When a gun is fired, this information is stamped onto the bullet casing. That sounds like a very smart idea to us.

It is a great idea. Except for the fact that microstamping doesn’t work well, it’s sold by exactly one manufacturer, it’s easily defeated by effacing the stamping, it’s an indirect tax on gun purchasers, it does nothing to deal with existing firearms (which can remain functional for decades) and it doesn’t apply to revolvers, rifles or shotguns. Don’t take ‘Puter’s word for it, click through and read the study done by a research in New York, for Pete’s sake.

Just because you ignore one side of the argument, NYT, doesn’t mean it suddenly disappears.


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