Lapdog WaPo Hails Fool On the Hill As Great Statesman

The Washington Post really IS state run media  The depths to which they are willing to sink in order to praise their man-god Obama is hilarious.  But I suppose they have to do as their masters tell them, or they won’t be involved in the rescue package that the administration is trying to put together to save liberal newspapers that no one wants to read.

Joe Biden is the new Great Statesman of our age. It’s a Big F**king Deal, I guess

A dozen top officials were gathered in Rahm Emanuel’s White House office for the 7:30 a.m. staff meeting when talk turned to Dick Cheney’s upcoming appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” where he would undoubtedly keep pummeling the administration’s efforts against terrorism.

Senior adviser David Axelrod and press secretary Robert Gibbs concluded that they needed a “peer” who could punch back against Cheney: Vice President Biden.

On Saturday night, Feb. 13, Biden said in an interview pre-taped from the Olympics in Vancouver for NBC’s “Meet the Press” that his predecessor is “not entitled to rewrite history. . . . He’s factually, substantively wrong.” The next morning, after his staff briefed him on Cheney’s appearance, Biden said on CBS’s “Face the Nation”: “That’s Dick Cheney. Thank God the last administration didn’t listen to him at the end.”

Whoever won the exchange, this much is clear: One year after a series of self-inflicted wounds, Biden’s image has been transformed from bumbler to big blanking deal. His rehabilitation follows a concerted media strategy that has positioned him as the administration’s top on-air spokesman, buttressed by a broader White House role and a stronger relationship with President Obama.

“There is a plain-spokenness and candor and bluntness to the way Biden presents himself that really cuts through the din out there,” Axelrod says.

Yes, when a man ccnsistently makes a fool out of himself, that tends to cut through the din.

And, Cheney won the exchange, big time. It was like watching Einstein versus a poodle. The poodle was interesting, but it wasn’t Einstein.



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