YOU Are the Problem

In Obama’s government, the citizens are increasingly the problem.

For example, the administration that believes so fervently in global warming is always telling us that humans are harming the planet. It’s the humans who are the problem.

Now, as Obama’s deficit reduction commission gets started, it’s not Obama’s massive spending that is the problem. It’s YOU, the greedy, blood sucking citizen that is the problem.

President Obama’s deficit commission has begun its work. Although its members won’t say what options they are considering, clearly they are giving serious consideration to recommending cuts in social security benefits. In fact, according to the Washington Post, the commission’s co-chair, former Senator Alan Simpson, has already chastised what he calls “greedy geezers” for fighting to protect their retirement checks while their children and grandchildren face the prospect of a towering debt.

But they didn’t pass the TARP. They didn’t pass the rotten, political payoff stimulus package. They opposed the enormous and fantastic health care plan, which threatens the destruction of the whole country.

No, it’s not their fault.

But in Obamaworld, if they would just all die and go away, things would be better. The earth would be saved, our financial difficulties would go away, and all that complaining would stop.

Death panels, anyone?

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