Ah, For the Good Old Days. When Everyone Was Mental

Remember those halcyon days when Obama was a god, and strode the world like a colossus? The Seas levels were going to obey his commands, Evan Thomas of Newsweek proclaimed that Obama stood above the nation, above the world, and in fact, was a god:

“I mean in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above – above the world, he’s sort of God.”

Hot Air lists some of the more idiotic things that were said, in those days of collective liberal mindlessness. Here is a good one:

But now, well, not so much. The Age of Obama has brought both a terrific upswelling of general positivism and a concomitant grand lightening up/toning down of outrageous verbiage and ranting extremism among the hotheaded-dictator set, and with it the strangest thing of all: an apparent global decline in overt, easily identifiable flameballs of tangible evil.

Just look around. The entire reptilian Republican party, our cherished font of evil ideas and evil intentions, is now just a cute, leaderless sideshow of circus freaks, all bluster and tantrum and Sarah Palin’s kooky gams. It’s quite a spectacle: One of the two major political parties in the United States is now entirely run by a blowhard talk radio cow, an insane Fox News comedian and a crusty bomb-thrower dug up from the vault of 1988 (Hi, Newt!)

And the evil tyrants? Struggling for relevance, mostly. Saddam’s long gone, Kim Jong-Il is a batty coot, Iran’s Ahmenijhad’s bark is far worse than his bite, and even harmless thugs like Castro and Hugo Chavez are stunned to humble reverence by an American president who abides no such childish bulls–t and exudes actual integrity and preternatural calm.

I wonder how that Saddam guy got “Long gone” Was it Obama? He seems to think so. Kim Jong Il, by the way, is a coot with a nuclear weapon now. He just torpedoed a South Korean ship and sunk it because he knows man-god Obama is a weakling who will do nothing. And Ahmadinejad? He’s building his bomb, installing a true military dictatorship in Iran, and killing the opposition.

Obama abides no childish BS?

I like how they have been stunned into childish irrelance.


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