Well, That Oughta Be A Fair Show.

You can tell how bitterly the media really does hate the Pope. In England, just before he begins a trip there, one of the major channels has commissioned an anti-Catholic gay activist to produce a documentary about him.

Gay activist Peter Tatchell who organised the Protest the Pope Coalition and has arranged various anti-Catholic protests in the Piazza outside Westminster Cathedral, has been commissioned by Channel 4 to present a documentary on the Holy Father.

One English blogger writes:

If you were a commissioning editor at Channel 4 and wanted to make a documentary about the Pope’s religious and political journey since the 1930s, who might you get to front it?

Ann Widdecombe? Sue MacGregor? Ed Stourton?

No. Channel Four has chosen Peter Tatchell. Yes, your gob is smacked, isn’t it?

Peter says he wants to produce a completely factual programme. In which case, why did Channel 4 choose him? Surely his attraction to a programme maker is that he is deeply opinionated.

They do have a tremendous problem. If they get anyone who would be fair to the Pope, the Pope  is going to come out smelling like roses. It may make him more popular if people knew the truth, so they can’t have that.

So, quite simply, they have to tell lies in order to get the kind of show they want, and the only people who will do that are the freaky activists.

Britain is going downhill very fast.



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