Saintly Man Takes Full Responsibility for Causing the Oil Spill

Now we know who to blame. One of Tom Friedman’s friends:

Just so you remember, here is Tom Friedman’s house, er, Mansion:

“I’d like to join in on the blame game that has come to define our national approach to the ongoing environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. This isn’t BP’s or Transocean’s fault. It’s not the government’s fault. It’s my fault. I’m the one to blame and I’m sorry. It’s my fault because I haven’t digested the world’s in-your-face hints that maybe I ought to think about the future and change the unsustainable way I live my life. If the geopolitical, economic, and technological shifts of the 1990s didn’t do it; if the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 didn’t do it; if the current economic crisis didn’t do it; perhaps this oil spill will be the catalyst for me, as a citizen, to wean myself off of my petroleum-based lifestyle. ‘

Citizen’ is the key word. It’s what we do as individuals that count. For those on the left, government regulation will not solve this problem. Government’s role should be to create an environment of opportunity that taps into the innovation and entrepreneurialism that define us as Americans. For those on the right, if you want less government and taxes, then decide what you’ll give up and what you’ll contribute. Here’s the bottom line: If we want to end our oil addiction, we, as citizens, need to pony up: bike to work, plant a garden, do something. So again, the oil spill is my fault. I’m sorry. I haven’t done my part. Now I have to convince my wife to give up her S.U.V.

Well, I’m glad we know where to send the bill for 50 billion dollars  that the clean up will cost.

Oh. You mean he wasn’t really taking responsibility? He was just pretending to take responsibility? He was really just using the oil spill to preach to us – again – about their sappy ideas for solving problems?



But wait. Maybe Tom Friedman will take responsibility:

I think Mykleby’s letter gets at something very important: We cannot fix what ails America unless we look honestly at our own roles in creating our own problems.

You mean like when we build ourselves super- huge houses to live in? You mean when we cut down 5 acres of trees to build a gigantic palace? You mean like when we have a house with a carbon footprint larger than several small countries?

Oh. No, you didn’t mean that.


What exactly did you mean, Tom?

We need to make our whole country more sustainable. So let’s pass an energy-climate bill that really reduces our dependence on Middle East oil. Let’s pass a financial regulatory reform bill that really reduces the odds of another banking crisis. Let’s get our fiscal house in order, as the economy recovers. And let’s pass an immigration bill that will enable us to attract the world’s top talent and remain the world’s leader in innovation.

You mean just enact Obama’s whole Ultra-Liberal Democratic party program, and then we wil be free?




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