Those Tea Partiers Are Nuts, Because They Want Freedom. And Freedom Means Destruction

It takes a modern academic to say the most idiotic things.

Last time around, we heard from Cass Sunstein, an academic now working for the Obama administration. He was in favor of taking away our first amendment rights, saying that all news stories and blog posts would have to start linking to the OPPOSITE view.  Of course it would all be voluntary. Unless they didn’t do it, at which point he threatened government action. Then, Orwell like, he said “the word “voluntary” is a little complicated”

Of course, there is nothing complicated at all about the word. Unless, Orwell style, you want to make it mean the opposite of what it means. Then things get complicated.

Now, another academic tries to puzzle out the Tea Parties. It is funny how completely clueless these people sound. They live in a bizarre little bubble, where they try to scare each other.

You see, the Tea Parties are terribly destructive to our democracy. Why, they have even caused Congressman to cancel their town hall meetings:

More than their political ideas, it is the anger of Tea Party members that is already reshaping our political landscape.  As Jeff Zeleny reported last Monday in The Times, the vast majority of House Democrats are now avoiding holding town-hall-style forums — just as you might sidestep an enraged, jilted lover on a subway platform — out of fear of confronting the incubus of Tea Party rage that routed last summer’s meetings.  This fear-driven avoidance is, Zeleny stated, bringing the time-honored tradition of the political meeting to the brink of extinction.

It’s the Tea Partier’s fault that our Congressman are too cowardly to face the voters they have betrayed! It’s their fault that, when Congressman pass legislation that is hated and despised by the country, Congressman refuse to face the music.


He then says:

It is not for the sake of acquiring political power that Tea Party activists demonstrate, rally and organize; rather, Lilla argues, the appeal is to “individual opinion, individual autonomy, and individual choice, all in the service of neutralizing, not using, political power.” 

The horror!

It takes a professor to be really stupid these days. If they say enough false things about the Tea Party, they can make them sound irrational. But of course the Tea Parties don’t exist to neutralize political power,  they exist to neutralize the leftist extremists that have taken over our government.

These supposedly nuanced professors have to engage in the cheapest rhetorical trick of all to make their case. They have to pretend that the Tea Partiers want no government at all. But this is not what they want. The sad little professor poses the choice this way: “Well, you can have a giant, Obama style goverment that rules over every aspect of your lives, or you can have no government at all”

Talk about a sad, pathetic, line of dishonest argumentation. But get this: the whole idea of freedom is “a fantasy of destruction”

The great and inspiring metaphysical fantasy of independence and freedom is simply a fantasy of destruction

In truth, there is nothing that the Tea Party movement wants; terrifyingly, it wants nothing.  Lilla calls the Tea Party “Jacobins”; I would urge that they are nihilists.  To date, the Tea Party has committed only the minor, almost atmospheric violences of propagating falsehoods, calumny and the disruption of the occasions for political speech — the last already to great and distorting effect.  But if their nihilistic rage is deprived of interrupting political meetings as an outlet, where might it now go? With such rage driving the Tea Party, might we anticipate this atmospheric violence becoming actual violence, becoming what Hegel called, referring to the original Jacobins’ fantasy of total freedom, “a fury of destruction”? There is indeed something not just disturbing, but  frightening, in the anger of the Tea Party.

And there you have it. The perfect Orwellian essay, written by the perfect Orwellian “professor” using the perfect Orwellian rhetorical techniques to call down a “two minutes hate” on those dangerous, dangerous people who oppose Big Brother.

Here is video of those hateful, hateful, violent people.  So Violent! So Hateful!

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