Dream On, E.J.

EJ Dionne tells us why the Democratic party should be falling all over themselves with congratulations. The only trouble is, none of it happens to be true.

Democrats should feel a lot better than they do. They enacted a health-care bill that had been their dream for more than 60 years.

Maybe Democratic party activists have wanted it, but nobody else does. It will bankrupt the country. That is a big achievement? Obama said he was going to bring us together, and he caused the most division in the country since the Vietnam war. And it’s going to be repealed as soon as the Republicans recover the congress in the fall. The bill was sold by a series of presidential lies. The people are justifiably horrified that the President thinks he can rule over every medical decision made in America.

So, no, dear EJ, that is hardly something to crow about.

 They pulled the country out of a terrifying economic spiral.

Well, the Bush administration did, followed by the Obama administration. They both passed and implemented the TARP. Any administration would have done the same thing. But then when Obama took over, he kept on spending. He gave 787 billion away to his closest political cronies in the Stimulus bill. It turns out, it was a stimulus bill for public employees, who are expected to vote Democratic, Obama implemented the most outrageous spoils system since the days of Andrew Jackson. Everyone else in the country can go to hell as far as Obama is concerned. But his followers can feed at the public trough, all you can eat for free. The rest of us pay for this. And, Obama does not seem to much care about the real  economy. He has crippled it with threats against business, and his health care plan. Businesses don’t know if they are going to be punished, so they are not spending. So they are not hiring. So the recession should have been over last summer, but it continues on, indefinitely. There are some who believe that Obama is purposely prolonging the recession so he can claim that government must take over even more control of the economy.

Obama saved the economy? Hah!

They are on the verge of passing the biggest reform of Wall Street since the New Deal.

A reform of Wall Street that will cripple Wall Street helps no one.  Which seems to be Obama’s goal.

The public has identified enemies that are typically seen as Republican allies: oil companies and big bankers.

No, the public does not see oil companies and bankers as the enemies of mankind. Democrats do. Democrats always want to punish corporations and make them suffer. Republicans want to let companies make money and hire people. But Democrats just want to punish. Look at the Oil spill stuff. Their one comment is “Punish BP”.

And given the Republicans’ past policies, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is at least as much their problem as Obama’s.

Dream on. It’s Obama’s problem. He is the one who is standing idly by, trying to figure out how he can spin this tragedy to make us do something we don’t want to do. It’s all very cynical. And of course, blame Bush for everything. What a great leader.

On top of this, the GOP seems to be doing all it can to make itself unelectable, veering far to the right and embracing a Tea Party movement that, at its extremes, preaches the need for revolution.

You can tell they are in trouble when they have to lie so much. Nobody in the Tea Party preaches revolution. What they do preach is adherence to the Constitution, which gives them, and the states, certain rights. The Democrats always want to ignore the Constitution. Remember when they were going to “deem” that the health care bill was passed?  Over and over again, Democrats simply pretend the Constitution does not exist. They are ignoring the first amendment, since they want to interfere in the newspaper business and prop up the Propaganda like MSM. So excuse people for getting angry at an administration that refuses to follow the most simple of Constitutional dictates. Over and over again, Obama wants to reduce personal liberty. But to EJ Dionne, such dictatorial impulses should never be resisted. Liberals always seem to want a dictatorship of the left. Witness Tom Friedman’s virtual worship of Communist China, and his desire to have Obama be a dictator for a day. Oh, if only they could get rid of the will of the people, what wonders the left would work for mankind!

That sounds more like the old New Left than a reinvigorated conservatism. Oh, yes, and can you think of one thing Republicans stand for right now other than cutting spending?

Right. That’s a terrible thing to be for in an age when Democratic spending will cripple the country. Now that the deficit is so unbelievably large, it’s just wrongheaded to want to reduce spending. Why can’t they be more like Democrats,  and believe that money is water, and must be spent as fast as possible? Why can’t we spend until America is a thrid world country? Why can’t we spend our children’s inheritance? Why can’t we ruin their lives for decades to come? Cut spending? Unthinkable!


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