Darrell Issa Shows that Republicans Haven’t Learned A Thing

Darrell Issa is licking his chops, waiting for the day when the Democrats stop abusing the American People, so HE can start abusing the American people.

It makes you want to vote for the Tea Party Candidate in his race, doesn’t it?

First, he swears unending political war against the Democrats, no matter how much trouble the country is in. He’s like those characters on that Star Trek episode, where all they want to do is kill each other, even if their entire planet is destroyed.

Second, he wants to increase his staff from 40 to 80 so he can more effectively run witch hunts against our current witch hunter, Henry Waxman. Oh, wonderful More bureaucrats, specifically hired to go after the other party. What a great idea. It’s not as if Congress has anything to do, so why not just engage in political warfare for all time?

I’t sure people are going to love the idea of unending political spats and a Congress that is more intent on acting llike a banana republic than the world’s greatest Democracy.

Does Issa have to be thrown out now, too?

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