Justice Jerk

The little worms at the Ministry of Truth are busy spinning dross into gold.

The administration have released Elena Kagan’s memos from the Clinton years, and they show her as kind of a jerk. Kind of bitchy and arrogant. So what does the Washington Post headline say?

Kagan’s newly released e-mails reveal confident voice in Clinton White House

“Not to carp”, while carping:

Her e-mails include stern admonitions on an array of issues, including religious freedom, fingerprinting Americans on welfare, affirmative action and school testing. At times, she was openly sarcastic to — or critical of — her White House colleagues.

“Not to carp, but on memos to the president, it’s usually wise to spellcheck,” Kagan wrote in an October 1997 note to Michael Cohen, a Domestic Policy Council colleague who worked on education issues.

And, near the end of the article, we learn that Kagan and her boss were such jerks that morale was suffering:

In at least one instance, a note to Kagan and her boss, Bruce Reed, hints that their management style may have been problematic. Paul Weinstein Jr., the Domestic Policy Council’s chief of staff, dispatched an e-mail in April 1998 telling them that morale on their staff seemed to be “at a low level.” He urged them to bring their underlings to more meetings with the president, give them credit on memos to the president and offer more “positive reinforcement” — “a little goes a long way. Sending congratulatory e-mails or voice-mails helps.”

And, she had a foul mouth, in work related communications:

Several emails show that Kagan had a profane streak. “Un[expletive]believable,” she wrote in one e-mail, replying to a colleague’s explanation of a change in legislation about worker protections.

Alas, we are not really reporters, so we are not going to go looking for this information, or ask anyone about it. Instead, we will whimsically pretend that telling Jewish Jokes in the White House is no big deal – when Democrats do it:

But like workers everywhere, Kagan’s e-mail box contained curious items. The subject line on one: “Re: Two G-rated Jewish jokes.” Alas, the jokes were missing from the documents the library released.


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