The Simpson

I always liked Alan Simpson’s style. He strips the BS off of this ambush interviewer from the start, and rakes him over the coals. The Ambusher wanted to get in his face and shout a few incendiary phrases so he would have something for his left wing website, but Simpson gets in his face and explains what is what:

During the interview, Simpson mentions that we will take care of the “lesser people in society”, by which he obviously means the poor, the people without means. It is a noble statement.

But look how the left wing site Firedoglake twists his words:

“Alan Simpson: Cutting Social Security Benefits to Take Care of the Lesser People in Society”

The creepy leftists try to make it sound as if he thinks some citizens are fine, and some are lesser people. What incredible jerks.

Almost everything in the article is a lie. Simpson shows that he knows much more than the rather feeble ambusher, yet the article claims that the ambusher knew more than Simpson.

It’s all rather bizarre and a good reason to disregard the kooks on the left. They just don’t have the proper grip on reality that citizens need to have.


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