The very weak minds of the New York Times set.

Russ Douthat absolutely hits the nail on the head about Hitchens. There is no real intellectual heft to Hitchens’ flailings against religion; there is only a puerile lashing out.

So read the very good piece by Douthat. Then, read the somewhat strange, ethereal comments of the New York Times crowd. Not a one in favor of what Douthat wrote, at least at this writing. Harsh criticism, of the very weak and dismissive kind that is found in the academy these days. Nothing to chew on, just imperious opposition and disdain.

One guy even accuses him of an ad hominem attack, in a piece talking about the perverse obsessions of a man who is only a character. Of course its an ad hominem attack.  It wasn’t a piece about the substance of Hitchens arguments, it was a piece about the curiousity of Hitchens himself. I suppose the same person would have found the overblown shriekings against George Bush or the Pope to be exemplars of pure reason.

It’s a good insight into the very weak minds of the New York Times set.


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