Modern Life

A couple of low-lifes have created a poster that says “F**** Michelle Bachmann”. It shows blood shooting out the rear end of a GOP elephant.

They prevailed upon local records shops to put the poster in their windows. Many did, but some removed it because of the profanity.

The local TV channel carried a news story about it. They interviewed one of the record store owners who left it in his window. He said. “We don’t have any problem putting things that might be offensive to some people in our window.” Then he thought for a second and said “Unless it’s offensive to us.”

At least he’s honest about the left’s sense of proportionality.

The high minded creators of the poster said “We think Michelle Bachmann is bad for Minnesota. We think she is bad for the United States. We think she is bad for the world.”

I think people that have such a degraded sense of decency as to create “F*** Michelle Bachmann” posters with blood shooting out the ass of an elephant are bad for Minnesota, bad for the United States and bad for the world.  

If you can’t express yourself politically without being a jerk, it’s time to grow up. When your entire argument is name-calling and consists of simple illiterate grunts, you are an embarrassment. But no fear, when people see that sort of opposition, they realize they want to be on the other side of that. And so become more inclined to vote for Michelle Bachmann.


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