Why Can’t Science Prove Fathers are Necessary?

It can.

It just won’t.

Today, so much of science – social science, that is – is bound up with the university’s political correctness that some things are verboten

And today, the Washington Post is reduced to asking “Why can’t science prove fathers are necessary?”

Studies showing gay people are adequate – nay, more perfect – parents are produced by the truckload. Studies showing kids do better in daycare than if left with their mothers are legion. This is not because these things are true; it is because these things are desired. The social science world is hard left – they get the results they want. The university is very clubby, and if you produce science that gives difficulty to their new-world views, well, you are going to take a drubbing.

For years, Murphy Brown and her TV-Hollywood types told us that women did not need men at all. It was all done very hysterically. Meanwhile, regular people started ignoring what Oprah and the experts told us because it was so stupid. And so wrong. And so harmful.

Today, the Washington Post declares the “science” can’t find any reason for fathers at all.

Yes, daddy-bashing is suddenly cool. The cover story of the latest Atlantic proclaims “The End of Men: How Women Are Taking Control — of Everything,” while inside the magazine Pamela Paul poses the emasculating question, “Are Fathers Necessary?” Her answer, after sifting through the research: probably not. Social scientists have been unable to prove that dads contribute much, she reports. The effort and quality of parenting are what really matter, not parents’ gender.

“The bad news for Dad is that despite common perception, there’s nothing objectively essential about his contribution,” concludes Paul, the author of “Parenting, Inc.”

The bad-dad rap doesn’t stop there. A 20-year study of lesbian parents in the journal Pediatrics concludes that teenagers raised by two mothers (read: no dad) had better grades and fewer social problems than other teens. The study’s co-author, Nanette Gartrell of the University of California at Los Angeles, explained the difference by saying that lesbian mothers are more committed to child-rearing than heterosexual parents.

So what’s a beleaguered dad to do? If science can’t prove that we matter, does that mean we don’t?

The whole idea that fathers are not necessary is so ludicrous that it is the equivalent of a flat earth theory. But that is what we get from the universities these days. Lots of politically correct Murphy Brown stuff, but no real science.

A series of strong tornadoes hit Minnesota last week. The Star Tribune reports this:

When he saw on the television that tornadoes were forming in the area, Wes Michaels jumped in his pickup truck and drove down to the Cenex to check on Heidi [his daughter] , who was managing the station. When he got there, a customer joked that he should be out having fun on his birthday.

A few minutes later, a twister took aim on the station. Michaels ordered Heidi and customers into the cooler as it hit.

Michaels was a big man, about 6 feet tall with a broad chest, “a strong man who wasn’t afraid to use his strength,” according to his former boss, Orville Lee. Instinctively, he positioned his body above that of his daughter, and took the brunt of the force from debris as the building crumbled around them.

Michaels was killed. The others survived.

No, there is no need for fathers, is there?


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