Oh. Now It’s “The Eternal Tea-Partier”

This is getting kind of silly. Now we’re down to creepy little documentaries reminiscent of “The Eternal Jew”.

OK, everyone ready? Two minutes hate for the Tea Partiers.

According to matthews boy are the tea partiers scary. They are enemies of the Fatherland Republic. Did you know they are secretly plotting the overthrow of the good Aryan people of this country? They have funny accents and wear funny clothes. There are lots of rats in their double wides. They may even try to interbreed with Harvard grads, further weakening the racial purity graduation rate.

Their leader is the despicable Emmanuel Goldstein  Sarah Palin. Rush Limbaugh engages in Jewish science conservative talk radio.

We’ve seen this show before. The media helped demonize a group back then, too.

It would be ominous if it weren’t so flippin’ stupid.


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