MSM Rule No 4. When The News Disagrees With Your Biases, Just Change it.

Here is old standby Eleanor Clift telling us what Helen Thomas said:

Much of the commentary reflects revulsion at Thomas’s characterization of the Palestinian issue as something that could be solved if Jews left the Palestine territories and went back to where they came from.

She was talking about the settlers, and if she had said they should go back to Brooklyn, where many of them are from, she probably wouldn’t have made news.

But of course she was not talking about settlers at all; she was very clear. She wanted all Jews to go back to Germany and Poland, where they were massacred in the millions. To claim she was talking about settlers is disingenuous nonsense of the first order.

Cliff is lying, basically.

But you see, that is the way the MSM is used to handling things.

Clift goes on:

Woody Allen famously said 90 percent of life is just showing up, and Thomas was there for a huge chunk of history.

What she is saying is that Helen Thomas was no special reporter. She just was around for a long time.

She is a role model, and a friend, and as she is being pilloried for voicing an unpopular opinion.

Eleanor Clift’s role models want Jews to go back to Germany. Eleanor Clift thinks this is merely “an unpopular opinion”. Apparently Eleanor Clift thinks it is a legitimate opinion to hold these days. It’s just unpopular.

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